Top Team Rankings for Hearthstone

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Hearthstone teams are made of players that work together – but in a separate way – to ensure that, at the end of every tournament, their group is in the top of the ranking system and that they go home with the big prize in their pockets.

Top Team Rankings for Hearthstone

So far, two of the best Hearthstone teams out there have earned $358,000 and $330,000, respectively. Therefore, we can understand why everyone HS player wants to be the very best and get to play at least one match on the eSports stage.

To be part of a Hearthstone team and contribute to all of the members’ victory, you have to be a professional. A lot of training and research is required in order to improve – and that’s no easy task. Moreover, the pro Hearthstone teams don’t accept just anyone; you’ll have to stand out and have your own playstyle in order to impress them.

How does our site help you?

As we’ve mentioned, a lot of research has to be made in order to get closer to that eSports stage. Learning how to properly bet on your favorite group will not only ensure extra profit but will also make you a better player.

If a squad makes a mistake that will cause you to lose your bet, you’ll learn something new and the next time you place a bet on Hearthstone or play a match, you’ll know what to avoid doing in order to win. And to help you even more, our website has available all the Hearthstone team rankings – therefore, before every match, you will know exactly where each group stands and who to place your bet on.