Hearthstone Players

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HS is a game that can be played on its own, so you do not need a team to join the tournaments and win prizes. European gamers are now among the best players in the world. American gamers come in second place. It is very difficult to determine a favorite, because you have to consider the luck factor too. We recommend that you get an idea of each player’s personal style by following their streams.

Hearthstone Top Players

At the moment, the top 10 names on the Hearthstone Pro Players list are:
As can be seen, almost all of the list consists of European esport gamers. HS is a very popular game in Europe, most tourneys and streams are held in these countries. Since card games are not popular in Asia and are unique to Western cultures, we do not think that Asian players will be on this list in a short period of time. But as the prize money goes up, we can start seeing them on the list too.

Which Player to Bet on?

As can be predicted, the most reliable bet option is Pavel. His win ratio is quite high, and he has managed to win many tourneys. But for the same reason, betting rates are quite low. That’s why we recommend placing bets on Orange and Xixo. If you like risky bets, play on Mitsuhide and Muzzy. It is to be noted that each player on this list has a level of ability close to each other. In other words, you have to consider the RNG factor too.
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