Hearthstone Tournaments and Events

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Hearthstone tournaments are the best way for you to watch your favorite professional players in action. These international events take place every year and offer you the chance to try your luck by placing some bets or to test and increase your knowledge of the game.

There are 5 types of events: Championship, preliminary, major, cup, and exhibition. All these eSport events determine which teams will participate in the World Championship. At the moment, the activities are organized separately in America, Asia Pacific, China, and Europe. Each organization’s winner gets the right to participate in the championship tournament. As a general rule, almost every event can be viewed via streams.

However, with the popularity of Hearthstone, there’s a large number of events and championships that take place every year. But, we are here to help you! Therefore, on our website, you can find a calendar where all the upcoming

Hearthstone tournaments are listed, so that you won’t miss any of them.

Hearthstone Tournament Calendar

When it comes to the Hearthstone tournaments the players want to watch, we don’t limit the information in our calendar only to the official events organized by Blizzard. While providing you with everything you need to know about the Hearthstone major tournaments, we also include other Hearthstone-related events of 2018 on the list.

Because it is really hard to get to play Hearthstone at a professional level – and, basically, get on the eSports stage – players have decided to take on the challenge and organize their own major events.

These online Hearthstone tournaments can also be found on the calendar on our website. Also, you might wonder what qualifies you for such an online match. Well, the answer will bring you a smile to your face – most of them only require you to play the game and register for that certain event.

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