About Us

Hearthstonebets.com was founded by a group of professionals, each with dozens of years of experience in the e-sports industry. Our goal is to ensure you receive unbiased and up-to-date news about Hearthstone. Likewise, we want to help you to place bets on these games and get the best odds. We love Blizzard games and we believe Hearthstone will be the most popular card game in a short time. For this reason, we concentrated our efforts on this title. However, we are planning to support other titles soon.

You can find current and accurate news on our website, developments about players and teams, event announcements, tournaments, and even popular stream broadcasts. If you want to make a bet, we provide a safe place to do that and make sure you get the highest rates. Add our regularly updated site to your favorites list: We are adding new information every day, not just tournament times.